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At our Best

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"There is nothing more powerful in our efforts to improve our society than understanding how to cultivate deep and meaningful partnerships with young people. This book is a must read for researchers and practitioners searching for fresh analysis and innovative insights into building youth-adult partnerships."


Dr. Shawn Ginwright

San Francisco State University
Chief Executive Officer, Flourish Agenda, Oakland CA


Young people are leading transformative change in our schools, communities, and society. How can adults –– youth workers, community organizers, and teachers –– best support and engage with youth in their endeavors?


At Our Best: Building Youth-Adult Partnerships in Out-of-School Time Settings is a book that brings together the voices of over 50 adults and youth to explore the promises and challenges of intergenerational collaboration. This edited volume features 14 chapters that include empirical research, conceptual essays, poetry, and artwork.


Together, our contributors illuminate what it takes for adults to strive toward authentic partnership and solidarity with young people--working together to foster equity and justice in today's world.

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