"The youth and adults in these chapters represent passionate actors who have come together because of a deep recognition that each has invaluable knowledge born of situated experience that is essential to creating the change they are mutually invested in."

- María Elena Torre

Foreword: Intergenerational Solidarity: When the House Is on Fire

Aisha N. Griffith &
Xue Jiang
Trust Formation in Youth–Adult Relationships in Out-of-School Time Organizations 
 Luis-Genaro Garcia 
 Art Education and the Problem- 
 Posing Methodology: A Critical 
  Approach to Learning From and   Working With Students and Their 
Juan C. Medina, Bianca J. Baldridge, & Tanya Wiggins 
Critical Reflections on Tensions in Authentic Youth–Adult Partnerships
Marcellina Angelo & Deborah Bicknell
Rewind: Ten Years of a Youth–Adult Partnership
Donté Clark &
Molly Raynor
"To Pick up a Pen Instead of a Gun”: Rewriting Richmond Through RAW Talent
Amanda Torres &
Anna West 
Care/ful Kinship:
An Intergenerational Reflection on the Risks and Possibilities of Youth Work 
 Pegah Rahmanian
 Profiles, Key Moments, and a   Continuum of Youth-Led   Participation: An Inclusive Model   of Youth Development Work
Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Mia Legaspi-Cavin, Jessica Barreto, Jennifer Tang, & Asha Sandler
Better Together: The Promise, Preconditions, and Precautions of a Youth–Adult Partnership Approach to Collaborative Research

Erica Van Steenis &

Ben Kirshner

Hip-Hop Music-Making as a Context for Relational Equity Among Youth and Youth Workers

Jessica Tseming Fei with Nayir Vieira Freeman, Rush George, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, & Allyn Maxfield-Steele
Building the Beloved Community: Intergenerational Organzing at the Highlander Research Center

Melissa Kapadia, Anika Kabani & Nudar Chowdhury

How Do We Heal Together? Unlearning Trauma in a South Asian, Diaspora, and Indo-Caribbean Youth-Adult Partnership Space

Samantha Rose Hale,

Heang Ly, Nathaniel McLean-Nichols, & Carrie Mays

Tensions of Purpose: Strategies to Strengthen Partnerships and Overcome Barriers Between Youth and Adults and Advance Transformative Social Change
Kristy Luk, Noah Schuettge, Keith Catone, & Catalina Perez
"Why Couldn't That Have Been Me?" Reflections on Confronting Adultism in Education Organizing Spaces
Thomas Nikundiwe
Flipping the Script: Leaving Room for Youth to Grow Their Power
Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Jessica Tseming Fei, &
Deepa Sriya Vasudevan
"At Our Best": Youth-Adult Partnership and the Struggle for Collective Well-Being


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