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"The youth and adults in these chapters represent passionate actors who have come together because of a deep recognition that each has invaluable knowledge born of situated experience that is essential to creating the change they are mutually invested in."

- María Elena Torre

Foreword: Intergenerational Solidarity: When the House Is on Fire

Aisha N. Griffith &
Xue Jiang
Trust Formation in Youth–Adult Relationships in Out-of-School Time Organizations 

"Feeling trust and safety with one another can set a foundation for sharing vulnerabilities, collectively engaging in healing, and authentically supporting youth."

 Luis-Genaro Garcia 
 Art Education and the Problem- 
 Posing Methodology: A Critical 
  Approach to Learning From and   Working With Students and Their 

"If educators are to meet the needs of working-class students, we must acknowledge the limited socioeconomic circumstances they live in, and co-create ways to transform those environments."

Juan C. Medina, Bianca J. Baldridge, & Tanya Wiggins 
Critical Reflections on Tensions in Authentic Youth–Adult Partnerships

"...sociopolitical pressures have the power to influence the organizational culture and the practices of youth workers, which can ultimately reorient, weaken, or change youth-adult partnerships in community-based organizations."

Marcellina Angelo & Deborah Bicknell
Rewind: Ten Years of a Youth–Adult Partnership

"Knowing when to step forward and reach toward and knowing when to back off a bit and not over push, this is the dance of youth and adult partnership."

Donté Clark &
Molly Raynor
"To Pick up a Pen Instead of a Gun”: Rewriting Richmond Through RAW Talent

"When love is present, we all function as our best selves."

Amanda Torres &
Anna West 
Care/ful Kinship:
An Intergenerational Reflection on the Risks and Possibilities of Youth Work 

"The intergenerational relationships to which we belong have created homes for us, essential sanctuaries that are sources of both strength and connection that extend far beyond ourselves and into the structures that we participate in making."

 Pegah Rahmanian
 Profiles, Key Moments, and a   Continuum of Youth-Led   Participation: An Inclusive Model   of Youth Development Work

“So often as a society we focus on where we want our youth to end up, we talk about goals and destinations; but if we don’t take the time to name where we are starting, then those goals can feel like abstract destinations without clear pathways.”

Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Mia Legaspi-Cavin, Jessica Barreto, Jennifer Tang, & Asha Sandler
Better Together: The Promise, Preconditions, and Precautions of a Youth–Adult Partnership Approach to Collaborative Research

"Because we truly believed that each member’s ideas and perspectives were to be respected, we sought to continually cultivate an environment of deliberation rather than debate, where everyone could raise differences of opinions."

Erica Van Steenis &

Ben Kirshner

Hip-Hop Music-Making as a Context for Relational Equity Among Youth and Youth Workers

"Though some adults are recruited for their track records as artists, they bring a pedagogy that emphasizes collaboration on tasks in ways that works to shift power and responsibility to youth."

Jessica Tseming Fei with Nayir Vieira Freeman, Rush George, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, & Allyn Maxfield-Steele
Building the Beloved Community: Intergenerational Organzing at the Highlander Research Center



“A conversation about fighting back and creating something new can’t happen without young people, and without young people leading...” 

Melissa Kapadia, Anika Kabani & Nudar Chowdhury

How Do We Heal Together? Unlearning Trauma in a South Asian, Diaspora, and Indo-Caribbean Youth-Adult Partnership Space

"...we are all traumatized by
our experiences as marginalized people, and it is inevitable that we will replicate unhealthy or
oppressive practices even in spaces of affinity. How, then, do we make space for processing collective trauma as we are replicating it?"

Samantha Rose Hale,

Heang Ly, Nathaniel McLean-Nichols, & Carrie Mays

Tensions of Purpose: Strategies to Strengthen Partnerships and Overcome Barriers Between Youth and Adults and Advance Transformative Social Change


"Adults invest in youth and youth invest in adults. Pride and ego are constantly checked and rechecked and, at times, it might require losing a piece of individuality to meet the collective end goal."

Kristy Luk, Noah Schuettge, Keith Catone, & Catalina Perez
"Why Couldn't That Have Been Me?" Reflections on Confronting Adultism in Education Organizing Spaces

“Adultism is a unique system of oppression because every adult individual has both been oppressed and oppressor, resulting in both internalization of young people’s oppression as a young person, and acting on this internalization as we become adults.”

Thomas Nikundiwe
Flipping the Script: Leaving Room for Youth to Grow Their Power


"Many youth need a lot of early support in the form of rides, food, encouragement, but they also need space to find their voices, to build their confidence, and to build a culture with each other—ultimately, to build their power."

Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Jessica Tseming Fei, &
Deepa Sriya Vasudevan
"At Our Best": Youth-Adult Partnership and the Struggle for Collective Well-Being

"...the authors of this volume raise questions about the prominence of individual-level outcomes in definitions of efficacy, encouraging us to turn, instead, toward a more collective vision of well-being."

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